Pelion mountain, which is recorded as the summer residence of the 12 gods of mythology, and the mythical land of Centaur, is located in Magnesia. At its verdurous mountainsides, which are ideal for skiing and walking and the teal-blue seas, surrounding it, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty.

The well-known, scenic train of Pelion does an excuisite route inside nature, from Lechonia to Milies.

One of the most picturesque villages of Pelion, is Makrinitsa, with old houses, mansions, country residences, treasures of traditional architecture, all scrambled at the mountainside.

When you look at them from a distance they give the impression that they are "hanging" from the sky, or they are "growing" from the land.

The beautiful, natural view has given to Makrinitsa the name "balcony of Pelion", because from the village you have a panoramic view at Volos (the city) and the sea of Pagasitikos gulf.